Wednesday, September 24, 2008

what the FUAAAAAAGE!!!!!!

OK with only $700,000,000,000 to bail out these companies to save the American Economy........that is 301,139,947 million people over here on American soils wouldn't it make more sense to give everyone ($1 million dollars each) cost way less than the bailout plan and honestly how much stimulation would that cause??????


jjoshin said...

Absolutely, I'Ve held the same thought since Bush and Co. Started handing out "stimulus" checks across the board, while Billions were being abated for the big buisness nd banking that now want us to bail em out,I say to H E LL with that.Split One week of spending in IRAQ between Americans could stimulate everyone into spending like this country has never seen.You would WIPE OUT the housing deficit, End the Downward Spiral Housing in general has been on, and Build growth equity in every buisness, every bank, every market out there.Unbeleivable that the only thought the Washington big wigs can come up with is to Give money to Lenders and Financials that couldnt manage their money in the first place.

Wes Mac said...

They should just secretly divide it amongst the people who actually go out and vote.